Monday, December 27, 2010

A Snowy Birthday

I finally see some blue sky outside after 2 days of snow. There is 8-10 inches of snow here and my driveway is a mess, so we have postponed my birthday party.

As for my ongoing drama - I dropped a block of cheese on my foot yesterday and I think it is broken. It is a lovely shade of blue across the metatarsals, swollen, and aching. I made through Christmas without a cast boot this year at least - I had one on the past 2 years. Dr. Hare is back in the office tomorrow so she will get me fixed up. 

Other than the foot thing, I am enjoying a peaceful birthday. Scott brought me some biscotti with real sugar in it. I love biscotti! It is ok to cheat on your birthday - right??? Off to fix a cup of herbal tea and enjoy.

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