Friday, August 23, 2013

Short Update

Sorry - I really haven't been able to write a thing earlier than today.

Scott is still sick but improving.

There was no cancer in my biopsy but also nothing to help my other health problems. I did OK post op for a couple of days then took a downturn. I finally came home yesterday and feel a touch better, but have a new problem that I am going to have to deal with soon.

We are resting and able to get ourselves food - at least food we can eat - which is very limited right now.

Thanks to all who were concerned and I am very sorry that I wasn't able to let you know sooner.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tomorrow is the Day

At this time tomorrow, I will be getting ready to go to surgery. I am not as nervous as I thought I would be.

Scott has been in the hospital since August 3rd with a bad Crohn's disease flare-up. We thought he was going to end up with surgery but he made it. His small bowel was blocked from all the swelling. He is finally on a regular diet, and they are discontinuing his TPN (total parenteral nutrition) today. He had nothing by mouth for over a week. He may be discharged in time for my admission.

I was afraid Scott would have surgery and I wouldn't be able to care for him. He is determined to get well to care for me. We may disagree a lot but there are very few relationships as close as ours.

Bentley has finally given me a name. We tried to get him to say names we wanted but he just couldn't say them. Yesterday he started calling me Mammae (mam mae). It is wonderful for him to finally be saying "my name".

Sorry the video is sideways. I don't know how to flip it.