Sunday, December 5, 2010

Before and Now

The first picture is a few weeks before the first anaphylaxis on 4-23-10. The second is Thanksgiving Day. The medications are taking a toll with the horrible side effects. The only option other than the drugs are death, so it is an easy choice to stay on the drugs.

Today I am so swollen that I cannot get shoes on my feet at all. I have no energy and no appetite. The Gastrocrom that I started on Friday is helping some, but it takes time to build up. The same is true with Plaquenil.

There is about 2 1/2 inches of snow on the ground with flurries still falling. It is a good day to just sit and watch the snow.


Neil said...

Bekka's father has gone through many of the same things you have in his struggle with Lupus. Up and down. Start this med, stop that med. Go back to another. He's been on and off the steroids dozens of times. We know it's not fun (ok, so it's WAY not fun).

We've been following you, as we figure it's the least we can do with all the support you showed for Ollie. His knitted caps have a special place in the "Ollie Box" and as you can see in the most recent pictures, the twins are pretty fond of theirs (even if the pumpkin hat and overalls make Penny look like she should be working the docs in San Francisco. So cute and funny!)

Hang in there. And if you ever decide to go someplace like Duke (great, great auto-immune program there), we'd be happy to help out.

mikeslittlesis said...

I appreciate you offer very much. As of now, I am very happy with Immunology at ETSU. They are on top of the latest research but are not able use the most recent protocols because of my decreased kidney function.

You have no idea how much joy your children have given me, even from 5 hours away. They are a treasure!