Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pretty Good Weekend

As long as I keep myself parked in a chair, I can forget that I am sick. As soon as I move my heart races again. I'm not complaining. I can sit and knit. I sat in the truck and went across the two mountains to visit Casey. Being able to feel well sitting around is a big improvement.

Other than one episode of a rash, there has been no anaphylaxis in 10 days! Hopefully things are finally changing in a positive way.

Snow is pouring down outside. I just talked to my brother who was going to put chains on the fire engine so he could go in the snow if someone has a fire.

We got to tour Casey's soon to be new home. The area is beautiful and will be a paradise in the summer. The house is very roomy, with a nice big kitchen. Scott and I loved it. It was warm and cozy with plenty of room for the growing family. There is a big yard with a small creek beside the house, and it joins the National Forest.

Casey's tummy looks like she has a cabbage under her shirt - not a big one but she does look pregnant. She is changing - she is really starting to sound like someone's mother talking. :)

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