Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sights and Scents of Christmas

I sit in my recliner watching the snow fall outside, with the smell of turkey deep frying outside drifting indoors. It is such a heavenly scent and sight. My little dog Carmen is curled up on top of the sofa where heat comes up from the vent. All is peaceful and quiet.

I can't imagine God giving us a more beautiful day. Soon we will be off to my brother's house for an afternoon of gluttony and merriment. I can't wait to see what heavenly treats my sister-in-law has made this year.

Three of my uncles are spending thier first Christmas in Heaven today. I have sweet memories of them and envy the birthday celebration that they are having. Rest in Peace C.L. Edwards, Harold Matheson, and Willis Walker. You are missed.

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