Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's a Boy!

My little grandson turned his butt up and spread his legs! He is just shy of 3 inches long. In one picture he is holding up his left fist. He is already beautiful! He also has his Mimi's big belly. I will post the ultrasound pictures as soon as I get a copy.

This baby gave me a reason to live. I was ready to stop fighting until I found out about him. Now I fight to get better so I can rock him, bathe him, and hopefully play in the mud with him someday.

Doctors Visits:

Cardiology - Pulse is still too fast. He increased my medication to maximum dose. I am to push myself with exercise to see if I can build any stamina. (Already doing that!) ;(

Immunology - Dr Krish is leaving the country. Stress tends to bring on anaphylaxis in patients like me, so my prednisone is now at an all time high dose through the holidays, especially with the stress of knowing he is in India. I can be in contact with him by email, but it is still stressful knowing he is gone.  My kidney function is too  bad for any of the other drugs, so we have to use prednisone and Plaquenil. After the holidays and Dr. Krish is back in country we will try to bump my prednisone back down to where I am currently. He says Plaquenil will take 3 months to build up to a point that we can safely try to drop the prednisone further.

Dr. Krish stocked me up with emergency antibiotics and Tamiflu, and my Internal Medicine doctors are aware, so if I get into urgent trouble they can help. I did get my flu shot, but Dr. Krish says it will only be about 30% effective for me.

I am also being referred to Nephrology to see if they can improve my kidney function. This is different from my Urologist. Nephrology deals with the filtering system - urology deals with the drain system. Hopefully they can do something to improve my function or at least stop it from getting worse.

All Christmas knitting has come to a halt - sorry to those who will be cheated. I'm off to cast on something for our little boy!

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