Thursday, December 9, 2010

More of the Same

I did better for a few days with the medication changes but I am back to having a racing heart even sitting still. I am thankful for the nitroglycerin tablets which take the chest pain away, but I still get very short of breath and weak.

Unfortunately I have no good news. My kidney function has gotten a touch worse and is being watched closely. I don't feel very well.

Santa's workshop is not making very much progress. I think this elf may need to be fired. I am hopeful that I will have enough good days before Christmas to finish a couple of very special gifts but I know the recipients will understand if I cannot get them done. This is a busy time for me normally, making cards, treats and knitted gifts. I am truly thankful for all the great years when I could work all day and craft half the night. This is a year of change.

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