Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hello Darlin''s been a long time. :)

Live continues in pretty much the same way. Anaphylaxis continues...

I am on a new immunosuppresive drug. It is making me significantly anemic and I stay so tired. My dosage was doubled on December 5th. We are hoping my white count stays above 4 and that my platelets remain at an acceptable level. Before anyone says something to do for anemia... this isn't a deficiency. It is a result of bone marrow suppression caused by the drug I am taking. I can eat liver until it runs out my ears and it won't help (not that I would eat liver anyway - yuck!)

I still knit some, make some cards and scrapbook when I feel like it, and read. I just started watching Upstairs,Downstairs on Netflix. I am amazed at the subject matter they showed on BBC in 1971.

Bentley had his first visit with Santa last night. He is growing up so fast.