Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I know there is a divine purpose for my life, but today is one of those days when I just want to get on with it. Some days are a struggle, and this is a big one. It is one thing to know there is a reason, but it is very hard to keep faith daily that living this way is bringing good to someone. I don't see any way that I am blessing anyone like this.

I am continuing to have severe hip pain. I keep putting off calling my doctor because he has already told me he wants an MRI. That may seem a simple request, but to me it means the total exhaustion of preparing for and making a trip to the hospital for the test, not mentioning the expense. I plan on toughing it out for a few more days if I can by alternating heat and cold and increasing my arthritis meds.

My heart is also back to beating inappropriately. Today is a pity party day.

I did finish a receiving blanket for the grandson. I haven't been doing much because I am back on a sleeping jag. At least if I can go to sleep my hip doesn't hurt.

I finished book 7 of 2011 - Big Cherry Holler. It is a nice light read - what my friend Kay calls fluff. It is set in Big Stone Gap, VA. I read this one as a actually paper and ink book; a loan from my mom.

I have really enjoyed talking to friends the past couple of days - thanks Louann and Jane for making my days brighter.

Thanks also to all of those who continue to send cards to brighten my days. Knowing someone cares is a comfort.

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