Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Quiet Day

I finished book 5 - it is a knitting book but has lots of knitting history in addition to patterns from 1600s - 1800s. It is very interesting - to me anyway :).

All is quiet here on the hill. The street has thawed but the driveway is still ice. It is a very grey day.

My heart continues to beat, as Dr. Haddadin puts it. When I laugh at him and tell him it is supposed to beat he tells me it is inappropriate. I am inappropriate. Basically as long as I stay very still I have a normal heartbeat, but any activity speeds it to an inappropriate level. I do just a little work, sort a load of laundry, empty dishwasher, etc and then have to lie down until my heart settles. It is an annoyance. A year ago I bounced around doing anything I pleased. If only I had known this would happen there are so many things I would have done.

My IA has been stable for the past few days. I have had itching and flushing but no major issues. I am thankful for this at least.

Five more months until the grandson is due. I am so anxious for his arrival. Five months isn't usually very long but in this instance it seems like forever.

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