Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Living in a Snow Globe

I'm tired of living in this snow globe. My entire 8 hours out of the house today was out in a bigger snow globe. Yuck - I am so ready for summer. Listen to me being a normal person complaining about the weather. In reality the weather is very unimportant in my life.

From where I left off yesterday - I had another anaphylaxis yesterday afternoon. I did ok and recovered fairly quickly.

My immunology appointment was unimpressive, at least to me. We bumped my prednisone dose back up and he added a sleep aid for when I am on the high doses to hopefully help with my exhaustion from sleepless nights. Dr. Krish was concerned that I am averaging 1 anaphylaxis per week, which is up quite a bit from before the holiday season. We are going to taper the prednisone down very, very slowly if possible.

While we were eating lunch, I got a whiff of perfume. Some lady had been seated behind me with perfume or scented lotion. Almost immediately I was coughing and congested - Daddy thought I was choking. Thankfully cough and congestion was as far as it progressed. I am still hoarse from it, and when the Cardiology resident listened to my lungs he thought I was a smoker. I honestly cannot understand why people insist on wearing that stuff. It will be quite some time before I am brave enough to venture into a public place again.

My cardiology appointment was also unimpressive to me. My heart rate continues to be high along with high blood pressures and frequent Nitroglycerin doses. Dr. Haddadin says this is damaging my heart. He once again increased my calcium channel blocker dosage  - this time to the absolute maximum daily dose. If this does not work, we have to look at other options (not medication). I cannot use any other medication because of my IA, so that means I may have to have the ablation of the sinus node and placement of a pacemaker. I am praying that the medicine works, but if not, Scott and I do have a friend who had the procedure done and does very well. He is also much younger than me.

One last rant - why does a resident ask me what causes IDIOPATHIC anaphylaxis????  A resident should know the definition of idiopathic. GEEZ!

I am listening to The Black Echo by Michael Connelly. It is a murder mystery. The characters were tunnel rats in Vietnam. I am enjoying it very much.

On the knitting needles - a blue cardigan for me, a pair of blue lace socks, also for me, and a green baby blanket for the grand baby.

Hoping for a sunny tomorrow!

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leigheast said...

Hi I am sorry to hear that you have such struggles with health issues, you do however seem to be a very strong person and that is incredible in such a situation. I have never walked in your shoes but all I can say is keep on keeping on honey :)