Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Things to Think About

Today I saw one of my immunologists. I suppose if you have more than one immunologist you should be bright enough to know that is not a good sign. Both my immunologists met together and went over my case. The last round of tests also gave no answers so we are very near the "idiopathic" diagnosis.

Dr. Kazmier told me to start thinking about using " cyclosporine ". This is an immunosuppresive drug used for transplant patients. It will keep me alive, but with serious possible side effects. These side effects may possibly be worse than the side effects I am currently having from my current drug regime.

How do people decide how far they want to go to assure that they stay alive? Did God give us the science and knowledge to create these treatments, or is it against God's will? How much suffering are people willing to endure to stay alive, and is it worth it??? The medical answer is always "there is a chance you might get better".

I have time to think - time is one thing I have.

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