Sunday, October 31, 2010

More of the Same

It seems I have gone back to exactly the way I was a few days ago, only now there is no pain with it. The only way my heart doesn't race it to stay very still. If I don't move around I can keep it at about 100 beats per min. I'm not obsessed with it; if it gets up to 115 I feel it in my head and my ears.

I tried breaking my new med in half and taking half at breakfast and half at lunch. It also changed nothing, but did let my blood pressure go high again.

Not much else is going on up here on the knob. Most of the leaves are off the trees so it is easier to see the squirrels. Louann is spending the day with me tomorrow so I know we will find something to laugh about - no matter how bad things get we can always find something positive in it.

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