Thursday, October 28, 2010

Correction. PIC line is in

We opted to go ahead with the line just for emergency meds and blood draws. It was super to have Dr. Ford right here to advise me.

The echocardiogram shows my heart pumping well. I am on a nitrate for angina to open up my small cardiac vessels and an ARC to lower my blood pressure. I will be wearing a Cardiotex monitor for 21 days - 24/7. My heart will be monitored over the internet and my cardiologists can do med changes with me comfy at home.

We don't know what started the heart issues but we do think that the oral albuterol that I was taking was making this worse.

I had lots of labs yesterday morning that aren't back yet. Hopefully we will have news from those next week.

I feel super after they give me happy juice but when it wears off I go back to my normal yucky state minus the palpitations. I am still a challenging patient. I will update here as often as I can but will be here at least until morning.

I have told everyone that I am getting addicted to all this attention. Just joking, but it is nice to have people to talk with all day.

I will feel ok until my Versed and phenergan wear off. I will post more news as I can.

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