Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Great Sock Reinforcement Experiment

About a year ago I made a pair of socks from 100% merino yarn. I had read different opinions on reinforcing the heels and toes with nylon thread. I decided to do a pair each way and see what happened. I wore these socks at random, not having a certain sock for a certain foot.

The answer is:

Don't reinforce. The wool wore away on the toe of the reinforced sock. The other is fine. The nylon did make it easier to darn the sock, but I would rather have them last longer on their own. (Yes, I do darn my socks!)

On the health issues -

It has been a hard weekend. I have had swollen red joints and have not been able to knit or spin. I am not allowed to take ibuprofen so I have had no way to get any relief other than my parrafin bath and heating pad. I've had to use my nebulizer some, and have had to use several doses of insulin.

Those who know me well know that it is torture for me to not be able to be doing something with my hands. Carmen and I have napped off and on, but it still makes for a dull life with no action for the hands.

Scott has been cleaning out the garage so that the cars will fit in there and the door will close. Hopefully that will keep the house a little warmer this winter.

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