Thursday, October 21, 2010

More of the Same

Today I had another Immunology appointment. Some small changes were made - changing to less expensive drugs mainly. I get to decrease my Prednisone by 10 mg every 4th day.

I had abnormal labs but those labs don't tell us what is wrong, just that something is. My kidney function is low. I am iron deficient. I have a very high sedimentation rate and my antibodies were high.

My best scenario is to be able to get off prednisone and start the cyclosporin. As of right now, my kidney function isn't good enough. I also have to slowly taper off prednisone if possible. Some people with idiopathic anaphylaxis are steroid dependent and can't stop them.

Dr. Krishnaswamy is repeating all my previous labs and doing more along with a complete kidney work-up.

Next week I see a cardiologist to see if they can determine why I am having the episodes of rapid pulse and high blood pressures.

We ate lunch at Pizza Hut. I wasn't thrilled with the food today. Hopefully I am losing my appetite!

Tomorrow is the first day of the Southeast Animal Fiber Fair. Louann and I had so much fun last year. Neither of us are healthy enough to make the trip this year, but God willing we will be there next year with all of our fiber friends. Maybe next year I can convince Scott that I need an angora rabbit.

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