Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Luxury Penthouse Suite

Tonight I am writing from the 7th floor of Johnson City Medical Center. I had an extravagant ride across the street in a Washington County EMS ambulance.

I was originally scheduled for a cardiac cath for Tuesday, but I became unstable in the few hours between my cardiology appointment and my immunology appointment. Everything was moved up, but because contrast can trigger anaphylaxis, there was a great deal of discussion put in on what contrast and pain meds would be used. They found the most hypoallergenic contrast that is the least toxic for my kidneys and set the schedule for 8 am tomorrow.


No one can get an IV large enough to handle the contrast for the cath.


I go early in the morning to have a PIC line inserted before they can do a cath.

Hopefully I will have something repairable so that tomorrow I will be my normal fidgety self! Worse case senario is that nothing is wrong with my heart and all of this is part of my autoimmune disorder. I know it sounds weird to hope something is wrong with your heart, but that is fixable. Anything that can be fixed is good at this point.

I started my two new cardiac drugs here tonight so that if something goes wrong it can be fixed. It is in a small way comforting to have help just outside my door.

And for good news....

I am going to be a grandmother!

I have to get out of this bed! I have to prepare for spoiling my grandchild just as my grandparents spoiled me. This is going to be one little spoiled child. I have named it Guha after my immunologist. Casey isn't impressed but I have a feeling this child will be Guha for the rest of my life. :)

I must get in a nap before my 1AM triponin blood draw.

Say a prayer for God's will to be done and for God to bless my poor internist who has already been called 5 times about me since my admission.

Check back for updates tomorrow.

I do have a pediatric size IV cath in place for emergency drugs. I had so many nurses around my bed I felt like a queen on my throne with a court around me. It took those poor souls hours to get enough blood for my labs and to get an access for emergency meds. They have all been so kind.

Obvoously my cardiology appointment did not go well. I adore my cardiologist. He is the kindest man.

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Bekka said...

Please keep us all posted as best you can. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Love from the big city!