Saturday, November 19, 2011

Warning: disturbing pictures

I wanted to warn those who might be bothered before posting pictures of my leg. I will start with my post-op splint. It is a benign photo.
This was put on in the operating room. I wore this from 11-1 - 11-16.

I got a boot similar to the one I wore with all my stress fractures in my feet but it is a souped up model when they took this cast off. Casey took these photos when we took the boot off to wash my leg on 11-18. This one shows some of the bruising and swelling along with the incision sites at my ankle and knee. About halfway up my leg you see a large lump. That is the area where the fracture occurred.

This photo shows the necrotic area on my heel.
As usual for me, we are fighting with insurance to approve the parathyroid scan, and we are still waiting to hear from the wound care clinic. I have sent in appeal letters to BCBS for the forst night of my hospital stay and for my long term disability insurance.

The incision at my ankle is draining still, and I had to apply some heavy tape to both incisions at my knee because the wounds were starting to pull open.

Lots of prayer still needed as we continue on this journey of God's will.

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