Saturday, November 26, 2011


I have been able to hold on to my faith for a long time through this ordeal, but I am having a day of wondering why. Am I being punished for sins from the past? Have I displeased God so much that I must suffer?

I am using an ointment that my sister-in-law made for me to try and heal my bone faster. She mixed comfrey in jojoba butter. I will try anything to get better faster. Mary Ann's mom used comfrey and healed a broken bone very quickly.

My mom got Lowcountry Summer from for me. It is not my favorite Dorthea Benton Frank book but it was good. Her books make me long for Charleston. The main character is a little too snooty for my taste. I never really liked her.

I read a Kindle book also. Nora's Ribbon of Memories is another Stephanie Grace Whitson novel about Nebraska settlers. This one was not as good as the past 2 I have read but was still good. It started a little slow. You can also borrow this book from to read on a Kindle or Kindle app on an iPhone or iPod touch. There is also a Kindle app available for PC. I like ebooks. They don't take up space in the house.

I got a letter from my long term disability insurance that my denial is being reviewed. I have had no good news from Social Security. Everyone at these organizations seem to think I am able to work when I can't even bathe myself, cook for myself, or even walk around the outside of my house. I can't drive so I  have no way to get to a job if I was able to get ready to go. I am so frustrated. I know it is all part of the game to try and get you to give up, but I still am so angry. I don't know how we are supposed to survive without the funds from long term disability since it was taking that check to pay for my medications. I am planning on trying to taper off some of them and see what happens.

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