Friday, November 11, 2011


I received some really bad news today. I don't want to share it yet, but am asking you to pray for resolution to the problem and I am trusting God to care for myself and Scott. After the storm has passed I will share with you all the details.

While I was in the hospital my cousin Pam sent me a gift of a Kindle book, Karyn's Memory Box by Stephanie Grace Whitson. She is a new favorite author. This is a book about a pioneer woman who came to America from Germany and traveled to Nebraska by train to marry a man she had never met. It was inspiring and just plain good entertainment. There is nothing like a good book to keep your mind off your troubles. I appreciate your thinking of me so much Pam.

The other thing that works on me like a tonic is my little grandson. He visited yesterday, and is coming back tomorrow. I love watching him roll over and get so angry when his little body doesn't do what he wants. I can relate to that so well now as I struggle to build strength in my arms to keep weight off my leg, learn to transfer myself from chair to chair and learn to drive my wheelchair. I always say things can always be worse and I never have to look far to see someone in much worse shape than me.

Here is a Bentley picture to enjoy...

Amazingly Bentley looks like himself. He is a complete mixture of Jeremiah and Casey. Some days you will think he looks like one or the other, but he really looks like Bentley. I know all grandparents think that their grandchild is the bomb, but isn't my little Bentley special?

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