Sunday, November 13, 2011

Great Ice Packs

My Physical Therapy Assistant made me the coolest ice pack. She put corn syrup in a gallon size ziplock bag, then put that inside another gallon size ziplock for extra security. When you freeze it, it remains flexible so you can mold it to your body. Thanks Joellen. Joellen and Tom, my PT,  have been so great to me. They are kind, patient and super nice in addition to having helped me so much.

My big problem is with my long term disability insurance. I have been cut off because their consultant does not agree with my doctor's that I am unable to work. They don't think my problems prevent me from working. It makes me feel like they think I am a lazy bum. I am asking for a review of my claim. Hopefully a new reviewer will see things differently. Please pray for this situation.

I have been spending my time trying to concentrate on anything but my problems. I am listening to books, reading, and watching TV. I am knitting a little but shaking so much that I can't really do much with that. Scott moved my desktop downstairs today so that when I get in my wheelchair I can go over and get online. It also gives me access to the printer, which is very useful when writing appeal letters to disability.

Overall, I am angry and hurt. I shouldn't let things get to me but they do. I have faith that God will take care of me but it is human to wonder how it will happen and to worry. Letting go has never been easy for me. I was always a control freak but have learned to let go of lots of things in the past year and a half.

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Bekka said...

You should get a disability lawyer as soon as possible. S/he could handle both the LTD insurance claim and the Social Security claim. Following are my top reasons why you should do this sooner rather than later:

First and foremost, you do not need this kind of stress.

Second, the success rate is higher for claimants represented by an attorney.

Third, claimants represented by an attorney typically get benefits sooner than those who aren't.

(My father was an attorney and he handled disability claims...before he became disabled and had to fight these battles as well. Fifteen years later, he still receives LTD and Social Security disability payments.)

I so hate that you're having to fight these battles. The system doesn't work right in large part because of the lazy bums who are trying to cheat their way out of working. The truly disabled, such as my father and you, end up having to fight to get what is rightfully yours and what you deserve to have.

Hugs and slobbery toddling kisses from the big city,