Wednesday, November 16, 2011

More Bad News

I had 2 doctor's appointments today. There is very little optimism in this post.

My immunologist ordered some tests last week and we have found that I now have hyperparathyroidism. The parathyroid glands control calcium levels in the body. Mine is secreating too much hormone which is causing calcium to be pulled out of my bones. The problem may be caused by my renal failure or it might be a problem on it's own. I will be having a scan to get more information about what is going on.

My orthopedic appointment came next. The x-ray of my leg showed very little healing of my bone and my incisions are not completely healed. We also discovered a Stage IV decubitus ulcer (bed sore) on my heel. Stage IV is when the tissue has turned black. The skin has died. I am going to be going to the wound care clinic to have it treated. The problem with ulcers at this stage is that sometimes when they trim out the dead area it can go all the way to the bone. Please pray that this is not the case with me. My diabetes and the steroids make it hard for me to heal.

I got a removable splint on my leg so I can wash! This is a plus. :). I also was able to use a real toilet today at the orthopedic office instead of a potty. You can't imagine what a treat it is to be able to flush. LOL

Things could always be worse so I am thankful for what I have.

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