Sunday, November 7, 2010

Time Change

I keep forgetting that we "fell back" last night. I have already taken my before supper insulin and blood pressure medication. (at least it is a valid excuse for a snack).

I am a creature of habit and a small change throws off my whole routine. Weekends really mess with my usual day. It isn't that anyone does anything to throw me off, but the usual coming and going is out of sync.

I really over did it this morning. Anytime I feel semi-human I want to do everything possible because I don't know when I will feel well enough again.

I have a prayer request also. My mother-in-law's brother Roy has had a 4th recurrance of his bladder cancer. He goes in for surgery on Tuesday. I pray for God to give him peace. He isn't feeling very well now. He and I have the same urologist, and I know Dr. Jones will take excellent care of him. Having watched my Granny die from bladder cancer, I am concerned about his pain. I know all cancer is bad, but the ones that you have gotten up close and personal with always seem worse. Knowing what is to come breaks your heart.

My Granny died 12 years ago tomorrow. It seems like yesterday. There was a relief that she was able to leave her suffering but I miss her so much. She was the last of my grandparents to go. Those last few years were a gift. I often imagine what she would say about the state of the world today and have a good laugh. She was a very opinionated lady. My brother seems to think I am just like her! :)

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