Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Invisible is a song from Steve Earle's new album, The Low Highway, that will be available in April. I really like the video linked below.


Scott and I have been Steve Earle fans since before we met. We drove to Knoxville and back in the snow to see him in concert years ago. Many of his songs are about current issues in society. His views aren't for everyone, but my Liberal friends would probably like him. He is famous here for his song Copperhead Road that mentions the Johnson County Sheriff's Department.

The Kitchen House was awesome. It is about an Irish indentured servant and the slaves she adopted as her family. It is a really incredible book that I recommend for everyone. I am anxious to see what Casey thinks(www.heelstohighchairs.com).
I purposely don't give many details about the books I read because I really hate it when someone spoils a book for me. I don't even read the jacket before I read the book if it has been recommended to me. I really like a surprise. I don't try to solve a mystery either. I just enjoy the story.
Everything is pretty much the same here. Spring allergies are in full force already. Tree pollen is not my friend.

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