Thursday, February 21, 2013

Old Barns of Ashe: Along Came a Stranger by Peggy Poe Stern

Casey bought this book for Kindle and loaned it to me. Yes, this is legal because Peggy allows her books to be loaned. As I was reading I kept telling Casey it seems like I have read this before. It turns out that I had - this isn't Peggy's newest novel. It is a great story and was well worth a second read. If you like Bridges of Madison County, you will like this book.
Bentley spent some alone time with me today. Casey went to have her hair done so Bentley stayed with me. We had a great time watching birds, checking out the trucks that went up the street and just playing outside. He wants for me to carry him and I am just not strong enough. His 28 pounds feels like a ton to me. I gave him special treats that he doesn't get at home like Kool-Aid and bologna. His Mawmaw (his great grandmother) brought him home made cookies and apples.
Bentley wanted for me to go with him in the car and cried when I couldn't. It breaks my heart to see him leave.
I am having some well earned rest with my feet up. Casey text earlier to say Bentley was making salad dressing. That boy is a cook.

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