Saturday, February 9, 2013


I had my CT scan on Tuesday. Since I haven't had a phone call, I imagine that there were no blood clots.

My sleep study was last night. I think they should schedule me for can't sleep studies. It was at least 2AM before I went to sleep. I can never sleep the first night in a new surrounding. The tech said my oxygen saturation started dropping at time to wake me so she let me sleep for a while longer so that she could be sure the doctor could see it. She said I would hear something by the end of next week.

Book 5 was Indecent Proposal. I know - trash again. We enjoyed the movie because it really caused us to think about what we would do for a million dollars. The movie was based on the book, but was different. I was fascinated that the husband was Israeli and the rich man was Arab in the book. I think the book was much better than the movie.

I am still listening to Outlander. Louann was right - I love it. She had been trying to get me to listen to it for years. I am not half way through and already looking forward to the next book.

For TV, we have been watching Sanford and Son. Last night I had cable at the sleep lab so I had a Food Network fix. I miss cable sometimes, but after a day or so watching I find there is "nothing on".

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