Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Medical Updates

Let's get the good parts first. I finished The Mercy, the last book in The Rose Trilogy by Beverly Lewis. I really enjoyed these books, and it is disappointing that there is not another. I give all three of these books 5 stars.

On to doctor's reports...

The ulcer on my heel is healing very nicely. The open area is down to about 1/2 inch. I am to keep up with the dry dressings since they are working so well.

Unfortunately, my x-ray shows no improvement since my last visit. The bone is just not healing. They assure me that we don't need to worry yet. They expected this to be a long road because of my medicines and diabetes. My weight bearing is still 60% on my right leg. 

Nephrology says my last labs were great but she doesn't trust just one lab report due to the possibility of an error in the lab. She also restarted my Lasix due to my having so much swelling in my feet and legs. I have labs in 2 weeks to see where we are then.

I'm fighting to stay out of the darkness. Here is what is keeping me  somewhat sane.

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