Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Slow Mend

I can't say that I have recovered from my illness, but I am improving a little each day. I came home on Tuesday. I have been taking Phenergan and Zofran pretty much around the clock for nausea. Tomorrow is my last day of antibiotics so I am hopeful that the nausea will go away when I finish those.

I told Scott today that I am going to be completely well by Spring. My leg will be healed and I refuse to be sick anymore. I decided that surgery reset my heart and my IA. A while later when I checked my blood pressure my pulse was high again - the first time since my surgery. I get it. My illness is not up to me. Please God - I don't need an anaphylaxis to be shown further that I have no control.

Special thanks to my Uncle Dennis and cousin Amy for an early Christmas gift to help with my bills. Also, as always, thanks to my parents, husband and daughter for their unending care and support.

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