Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Book Recap

I am a bit behind with my book recommendations. Megan's Way was excellent - a real tear jerker about a mother fighting cancer. 5 star.

My Heart Remembers was also 5 star. It is about a family of orphans sent west after their parents died and the story of their lives.

Trial by Fury is about a Fundamentalist Mormon group and the things they do to protect their way of life. Also 5 star.

All of these books were available for the Kindle App on my iPod Touch. I have also been reading old cookbooks. I am fascinated by instructions on how to cook a sheep's head.

This has been a very depressing time for me. I am fighting to stay ahead of the darkness. I am now able to put a little weight on my leg and walk using my walker, but I now remember that I couldn't walk before I broke my leg due to shortness of breath and chest pain. I want so much to be well, and I am really struggling with what possible purpose I serve when I am as helpless as a small child. I know that there is a purpose but I am really in a low place emotionally.

Thanks to my brother and sister-in-law and to my parents for financial help. I really hate being so dependent physically and financially, but do appreciate all  that is done for me so very much.

Bentley visited today and while he is around, no one can be sad.

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