Friday, October 14, 2011

Unanswered Prayers?

A minister commented to Scott yesterday that I wasn't well yet because not enough people were praying for me. I think most of the people praying for me are praying for the wrong thing. God has a purpose for my illness. Asking him to heal me before my purpose is fulfilled is futile. We may not see the purpose in this but there is one.

Pray for God's will in my life. Pray for me to have strength to endure what is necessary to fulfill God's purpose.

Remember that all healing is not always getting well in the physical body, but through death of the physical body.

Enough preaching.

I finished book 22. Hot Flash is a book I read on my Kindle App that I borrowed through
It was a funny romance; very light, easy reading.

Our little Bentley has learned to squeal and does so very loudly. He also enjoys practicing his new skill. LOL. He is happiest in the kitchen with his mom. He loves smelling spices. Could he be a future chef???

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