Monday, October 10, 2011

Finished 1 Sock

Louann and I had girls weekend while Scott went camping. Don't get excited - for us a wild time is sitting on the couch knitting. Friday afternoon we went to Duffy's Amish store and bought some baking supplies for my bread machine and a few treats.

Friday night we had Black Bean soup with Onion Soup Bread. We watched Food, Inc and knitted the night away. Casey and Bentley came over and spent the day on Saturday. We were so tired from playing with Bentley that we just ate the leftover soup and went back to TV. We started watching a TV series neither of us had seen before, Three Rivers. We enjoyed the show and watched 3 episodes.

We slept in Sunday morning and the knitted some more. Sunday night I finished up 1 of my socks.

I also popped a loaf if French Sandwich bread in the bread machine. It was excellent. On Friday I made Gingerbread which none of us liked. It did not have enough gingerbread flavor. It did make a nice French toast, but I won't be making it again.

I am now on my full dose of ketotifen and have not had stomach issues since Saturday. I am still being very careful with my diet. I am very tired and sleepy but I'm not sure if it is the drug or the weekend.

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