Sunday, October 2, 2011

Secret Revealed

This has been my secret knitting for the past 3 months. This sweater was my anniversary gift for Scott. We celebrated 11 years on the 28th. It is the Cobblestone Sweater pattern by Jared Flood knit in Cascade Ecological Wool.  I am so proud of the fit. This picture is prewashing and blocking. I am having difficulty getting the sweater back to wash it LOL

My gift from Scott was a bread machine. Since I am trying to go chemical free in my diet to see if it will help my IA, we were going to have to make our own breads. I have made a traditional white and country french so far and we are loving it.

Book 21 was I Wish I Would've. It is a very dark and twisty book about so called "Christians". The author distinguishes "church-goers" from "Christians". This book has very graphic rape scenes and is not for everyone. It was a fantastic story, but if easily offended by sexual content it is not for you. It is available in paperback and for Kindle. I got it from as a loan.

Little Bentley is thriving. He is rolling over and playing with toys. He found his feet while he was here and we were playing. It was so exciting to get to witness a "first".

As for my health...I am having a lot of tummy issues. I am having nausea, vomiting and diarrhea almost every time I eat. I have a new drug that is not approved in the US on the way from India. It is called ketotifen. It is a first generation antihistamine with leukotriene inhibiting properties. Many on the IA support group have had wonderful results with this drug.  I hope it will help my stomach issues as well as it has many others.

I am also possibly going to try going on methotrexate. This would be an experimental use of the drug and if successful could help others as well. I am waiting on results of my liver ultrasound to see if my liver is in good enough condition to try this. I was diagnosed with a fatty liver from a CT scan that I had before my gallbladder was removed in 2001. Hopefully my drug regime has not caused more damage.

My anaphylaxis episodes have slowed a bit since I was started on Neurontin for my diabetic neuropathy in my feet. Another person on the IA board had similar results after starting it so one of the ladies on the group has started doing some research on it as well.


Evelyn Chua said...

I wish you health and hope that the new meds will work and help with the IA.

Casey Harris said...

The sweater looks great and fits him so well! I am excited about your new medicine. I have high hopes for this one. Jeremiah, Bentley and I love you! We will see you soon!