Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Driveway is Thawed!

Book 8 for 2011 - Lucid Intervals by Stuart Woods. This book was ok - not the greatest. I was a big Stuart Woods fan in the early 90s. I'm not sure if my tastes have changed or if the book was just not as good as some of his earlier ones. As with all his books, it is a little trashy, but not to the extreme.

The warmer days finally thawed out the driveway. More snow is possibly on the way so  it may not last long. It is nice to see something besides white outside. My grass is actually green.

I had a rough day yesterday with lots of stomach issues. I couldn't take my medicine until late because I had to have fasting labs and I really think that was the problem. I have been having lots of shaking but my blood sugars haven't been low. More mysteries.

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