Monday, February 21, 2011

Never Ending Drama

I have been getting violently ill for the past couple of weeks every time my PICC line was flushed. Last night we went back to the original manufacture of the prefilled flush syringes, warmed the saline, and I even took a huge dose of Benadryl before the flush. It happened again ~

I emailed my Immunologist about it and he said the PICC line had to go - and I had to get blood cultures.

This is a mixed good and bad. I go back to getting multiple sticks every time I need a blood draw or an IV. It will be good if getting the PICC out makes me feel better. The adhesive from the dressing kept my skin irritated, and it will make bathing easier having it gone. It was also expensive to maintain the PICC, but I had been getting left over supplies from others who had been able to have their PICCs or central lines removed. I am going to hang on to the supplies for a few weeks to make sure I don't have to get another line put in.

My last cardiology visit was more of the same. I am to do some "At home" cardiac rehab since my insurance won't pay for me to go to a real one. There is nothing else they can do to try and slow my heart rate with medications, so if the rehab and trying to lose weight doesn't work I will be sent back to the Electrophysiologist (a heart doc who works with the electrical part of the heart). HMMM ~ you would think that having an electrician husband he could just fix it. :)

Blood culture preliminary reports will be back in about 24 hours, with finals in 3 days. I really hope there is nothing weird growing in there!

I seem to be in a book slump. I haven't been feeling well enough to get into anything for a couple of weeks.

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