Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bentley Michael Harris

Bentley arrived on June 23rd at 11:52AM. He weighed 7 lb 7 oz and was 20 inches long. As soon as I held him he became the love of my life.

Bentley is doing well. He is a breast fed baby and spends most of his time eating or sleeping. I got to spend one night with him before getting sick and having to come home.

I am getting a little stronger. It is easier to get up and down and I can go a little farther than I could. It is very slow progress, and I know it won't take much to knock me back to where I was. I am enjoying every moment that I am able to do more.  I have a cast boot on my left foot right now from a little accident with a tool box. LOL  I hope to get out of it before Labor Day.

Things are staying pretty much the same for us overall. There is rumor of a big cutback at ASU but we are hopeful that Scott's position will not be effected. Once again we are living on faith. Generous gifts have gotten us through the past year and we are trying to remember that and not worry.

Scott and I are spending the holiday weekend alone. It has been many years since it was just us for the 4th. Scott is cooking ribs that were a gift a good while back that we kept in the freezer. They are always excellent. We got a watermelon too. We are enjoying sitting on the porch listening to oldies on the radio.

Everyone have a safe holiday!

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