Thursday, July 7, 2011

Don't Ever Say Things Can't Get Worse

Monday night I had an episode of choking on reflux during the night. I woke up choking and coughed very hard for several minutes. In the process I managed to pull the muscles between my ribs and possibly crack a rib. It is so painful! It hurts to move.

The even sadder news is that there isn't really anything that will fix this except time. I can apply heat and ice and take anti=inflammatory drugs.

While seeing the doctor I did get my Lasix dose increased to try and get some of the swelling out of my feet. Running to the bathroom has been a thrill - NOT!

The end result is that I am even more helpless than I have been. It is so hard to get up and down that I am very dependent on someone to help. Kristen is here for a couple of days and she is an angel when it comes to helping me. She makes sure I have something to drink.  \

The end of the pity party post.

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