Sunday, September 4, 2011

Embraced by the Light

This was Book 16 for this year. I read this years ago.

During one of my dark times, I was questioning why I had to go through this illness. Why did Scott have to suffer the way he does. Why, why, why. Then after hours of making my husband listen to me cry and rant, I remembered this book and how Betty was shown in heaven that we choose our lives on earth and even our illnesses because they are bringing us spiritual growth. My copy of the book was long gone ~ leant to many people over the years and I don't even remember who the last one was, so I ordered myself a new copy.

It was even more enlightening than it was years ago. I have experienced so many more things since then and understand so much more. Many things were things that I already practiced - praying for God's will regarding sickness, not trying to scare people into accepting Christ, etc.

I would recommend everyone read this book, or reread it if you haven't for many years. It may not be favorable to some people's belief of trying to scare people to Christ through a fear of hell, but overall I think most people can see the light in it.

At the least, this book has made a tremendous change in my outlook. Knowing that I may have chosen this illness for some greater purpose makes it so much easier to bear. This disease may kill me, but if it does there has to be something being achieved from it.

My aunt told me today to keep my head high and keep fighting. That is what I am going to do!

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