Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Very Special People

There have been some special people who have touched my heart this week. A very special lady brought a delicious dinner for Scott and I to enjoy, someone got unlimited text messages so I could talk to them as much as I want, and my parents who continue to do so very much for me.

I do hate to never have anything wonderful to report, but life continues as it is ~ more of the same.

I did finish Book 15 of 2011 - Home to Big Stone Gap. I plowed through this one after our visit on Saturday.
Hopefully I will be visiting Casey and Bentley tomorrow. It has been a week and a half since I have seen them. From pictures it appears that Bentley's hair is back in thick and black, which makes Casey very happy. She wanted for him to have hair like his dad.

Here is some of my knitting on my favorite model.
His little hat is still a touch too big but it was a fun knit with scrap yarn. The pattern is  Kyle's Kap (CH-1) by Bev Galeskas

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