Friday, August 5, 2011


I apologize to those who depend on the blog for updates. The denial put me in to a bit of a depression that has been hard to shake. My long term disability insurance has hired a company to help me with my Social Security Disability appeals. I have requested the hearing with the Administrative Law Judge but got a notice from Social Security that it can be up to 24 months before the hearing. My long term disability insurance ends in 14 months, so I need your prayers.

I did not have a fracture in my foot. It was neuritis caused by trauma to the nerve. I have 2 numb toes still. I also injured a toenail on Wednesday so I am on antibiotics to prevent an infection. I am still such a klutz.

I continue to have the same problems but have managed to go 2 weeks without going into anaphylaxis - knock on wood! I still get terribly weak and tired with activity and my heart races. I keep getting fatter and fatter. I cannot stand to look in the mirror or see pictures of myself. I am inside this fat blob but you can't tell that it is me anymore.

Bentley is growing and doing very well. He is making cute little sounds and is very strong. He is starting to hold his head up. He has very expressive eyebrows like his mom.

I am able to knit very little. Cramping in my hands and just plain weakness and fatigue keep me from doing much of anything. I can sit in my recliner, but cannot sit without something to support my head for more than a few minutes. Standing and walking are pretty much the same. I never really appreciated health until I didn't have it anymore.

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