Saturday, April 30, 2011

Feeling Better

The nausea is gone. Diarrhea is gone. Muscle cramping has decreased. YEAH!

But I had forgotten how easy it was to get my heart rate high enough to cause chest pain on diltiazem. So even though I feel good just sitting around, it is extremely difficult to do anything without getting short of breath and chest pain. It is great to feel good when I am sitting though. :)

A very sad post was on the IA support group board today. A 14 year old girl was diagnosed. She was asking how to deal with the fear of dying. I really don't know how to answer a question like that to a 14 year old. I know that everything feels so much more intense at that age. She is at the point I was about a year ago, and it was devastating to me. Dr. Ford helped me so much - he told me how I was going to feel when I was still in denial. This poor girl goes to a school in Illinois where they don't even have a nurse. She has to administer her own Epipen and call her mother. I don't know many teenagers who could administer their own Epipen. Keep this girl in your prayers - her name is Amber.

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