Monday, May 20, 2013

Catching Up

Wow - Lots has happened since my last post.

Scott was in the hospital for a week for an abscess in his colon. He is fine now.

We had to have new sewer lines put in - all the way from the house to the street. Everything is back to normal minus grass in the front.

I am having more good days than bad. I have been able to do a little crafting and have pretty much been keeping the dishes done for Scott. I have came so far!

I am in bird watching heaven. My cardinals have stayed for the summer. I think they may have a nest in the forsythia out front. I hope to have some good pictures soon.

I have finished 20 books for the year. 32 more to meet my goal.

I will post some pictures of my crafts soon.

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Evelyn Chua said...

Good to hear things are better! YAY!!!!!!! :)