Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jesus Didn't Say Judge Your Neighbor

Why are so many of us who call ourselves Christians not showing Christ's love to others? Do we really think if Jesus were on earth today he would show up at the local church on Sunday morning wearing a designer suit? That isn't what Jesus was about. He stayed with the undesirables - the poor, the sick, the sinful. He did not avoid people whose behavior did not please him - he embraced them and loved them. So many times we feel we can judge others, but that is not what we were instructed to do. We are to love without judgement. I pray God will help me do that. I will do my best to do more to help those in need and to love those rejected by most "Christians". I will do all I can now but pray for an opportunity to do more. God has a purpose for all, and he can use me even as I am.

Health update - Until Dr Haddadin returns from his trip to Jordan he does not want to try changing anything. He asked me to tough it out for 2 more months taking the medication I am on. My condition may not be able to be improved. I am still having high pulses, but they are not so high that they need to be treated urgently unless I am physically active. The medication keeps me at an acceptable rate at rest.

Scott and I have a friend who is in a horrid situation. He has Stage IV lymphoma and is undergoing chemotherapy. He, like myself, lost his job due to being unable to work. His wife's position was eliminated due to budget cuts, so they are paying COBRA Insurance and are living on almost no income. Please pray for God to provide for them and to comfort them. My last message from them was that they were praying for me. I feel so unworthy.

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