Sunday, April 6, 2008

Catching Up

It seems that life gets in the way of blogging! I have been on vacation to Charleston, SC and of course, work gets in the way of my hobbies.

Here I am in downtown Charleston. I love all the flowers blooming.

Everything was beautiful. We celebrated St. Patrick's Day. There was an Irish band in the courtyard, along with many folks decked out in green attire.

I have finished a couple of knitting projects since my last post.

A nice pair of felted wool house boots for me from Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles.

A "Five Hour Baby Sweater" made with yarn from my stash.

I'm getting back into my scrapbooking after a long break. I'm working on Christmas photos right now.

Dieting is going no where as you can see from the top photo. I have only managed to keep off 1 pound since New Year's Day. I don't have much willpower! Treats always manage to show up at work, and a girl can only resist so much! :)

My hubby says he loves me the way I am, so I don't have much drive to lose weight anyway. We enjoy cooking together and eating so much.

I am going to the Outer Banks this month with 2 of my dear friends. I am excited and have already been packing.

I gave away my first pay it forward project. It was a velvet hood in chestnut brown made for a dear friend. I hope to post a picture next time!

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